Welcome To Scalabrini Villa

Short Term Care & Rehabilitative Services
Provides interdisciplinary rehabilitation or recovery care from injuries or other medical conditions, usually following a hospital stay. Our rehabilitation fosters personalized improvement in physical cognitive and communication skills

Long Term Care
Heath care for residents who require 24 hour nursing services and are no longer able to live independently in the community.

Secured Memory Loss
Provides the support and care of a staff professionally trained in dementia care for memory-impaired residents.

Hospice Care
Offers specialized palliative care and end of life services. The focus of the Hospice team and the Villa staff is the physical and emotional support to both the resident and their family members.

Most insurance plans accepted
Staff members are committed to supporting the self-worth and dignity of each resident. It is this love and dedication which guides and directs the superb care we give our residents whom we treat as our own mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Above all they are our friends, and our staff is taught to see themselves in each one. Our motto is: "If I live long enough to grow old and feeble, this is how it could be for me"!

The Administrator, who oversees the total operation of Scalabrini Villa is ultimately responsible to you and to health officials of the State and Federal Governments for providing and ensuring high quality, personalized, professional service. We believe that part of our service is availability. If you have any special needs or questions, the administrator will gladly assist you, as will the Departments which make the Villa "special".

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